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What is the Difference Between a Sofa, Settee, and Couch?

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Most of us have gone shopping for a living room set and walked into our favorite furniture store, hoping to discover the perfect piece for that warm corner. However, as you search, you will come across a variety of terms such as sofa, settee, and couch. Are they all the same? Or do they all provide something unique? Understanding these differences may be difficult, especially when you’re trying to create the perfect setting.

At Venus Home Furniture, we’ve seen numerous buyers halt at this crossroads, considering the slight but substantial differences. That’s why we are going to explain each item and assist you in selecting the one that best suits your lifestyle and home design needs. Whether you prefer traditional elegance, contemporary minimalism, or cozy comfort, recognizing these terms might improve your shopping experience.



Differences Between a Sofa, a Settee, and a Couch

When it comes to house furniture, particularly the popular living room classics, the phrases “sofa,” “settee,” and “couch” are frequently used interchangeably. However, each word has specific implications and characteristics based on history and design.

  • Sofa

A sofa is often considered a more formal piece of furniture. The term “sofa” has a lavish ring to it, derived from the Arabic word “suffah,” which refers to a wooden seat wrapped with cushions and blankets. Modern sofas are upholstered seating options that may accommodate three or more people. They frequently have armrests and a consistent back.

  • Couch

The term “couch” is usually associated with a more casual and comfortable piece of furniture. It comes from the French term “couche,” which means “to lie down.” This provides us with an idea of its basic function: comfort and relaxation. Couches are frequently more fluffy, welcoming, and informal than sofas, making them ideal for family rooms or any environment where reclining is the primary activity.

  • Settee

A settee, on the other hand, is a smaller and typically decorative object. Settees originated from the Old English word “setl,” which refers to a long bench with a high back, and are normally constructed for two people. They are ideal for bringing a touch of elegance to corridors, bedrooms, or any other area that may benefit from some charm.

Understanding these contrasts in home design allows you to make smarter selections, ensuring that each piece of furniture you choose improves both the practicality and attractiveness of your area.

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Why Do We Call it a Sofa? Or a Couch, or a Settee?

The words we choose often reflect cultural and regional preferences, as well as historical influences. Understanding why we call a piece of furniture by a certain name might help us appreciate its place in our homes.


The term “sofa” is common in British English and is frequently used to describe a piece of furniture that blends elegance and comfort. It has Middle Eastern roots and focuses on luxury and comfort.


“Couch” is more widely used in American English, and it refers to a piece of furniture intended for lying down and relaxing. This name refers to the furniture’s casual and versatile style.


The term “settee” typically refers to vintage or antique furniture. It is less widely used nowadays, but it still has a place in the vocabulary of people who value traditional design.

What is a Sofa?

To fully grasp the difference, let’s delve deeper into what each piece represents, starting with the sofa.

A sofa is often the centerpiece of a living room. It is designed not just for sitting but for making a style statement. Sofas are typically larger, upholstered, and can seat three or more people. They come in various styles, from the sleek and modern to the richly traditional, each contributing to the room’s overall aesthetic.

Consider the functionality of a sectional sofa. These pieces are extremely adaptable, with many portions that may be combined in various combinations to accommodate different areas. A sectional soda may be tailored to your specific requirements, whether you want a large living room set or a small one. With deep cushions and high-quality fabric, they offer unmatched comfort, making sofas ideal for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

What is a Couch?

The couch, unlike the sofa, is more casual and focuses on comfort and relaxation. It’s where you relax after a hard day, take a brief sleep, or spend a relaxing Sunday. The couch is typically seen in family rooms or casual living spaces.

Couches often feature a more laid-back design, with overstuffed cushions and sometimes a reclining function. They’re the epitome of cozy, inviting you to kick off your shoes and unwind.

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What is a Settee?

A settee is a more delicate and often elegant piece of furniture. It is usually smaller than both sofas and couches and is intended for two people. Settees frequently have a vintage or antique appearance, with expanded woodwork and fine upholstery.

Settees are adaptable in terms of location. They may be a lovely addition to a bedroom, a comfortable corner in a corridor, or a sophisticated seating choice in a living area. Their designs frequently have high backs and arms, which provide both comfort and a sense of refinement.



Sofa, Settee, or Couch? Which one is Correct?

The terms “sofa,” “settee,” and “couch” are often used interchangeably, but understanding their subtle differences can enhance your home’s design and functionality.


Sofa vs. Couch

While sofas and couches are similar, the term “sofa” is more formal and refers to a piece of furniture intended for social gatherings and aesthetic appeal. In contrast, “couch” implies a casual, pleasant place to relax.


Settees vs. Sofas

Settees are often smaller and more decorative than sofas. They give a sense of elegance and are suitable for places that require both sitting and style without the mass of a full-sized sofa.


Does the Name Matter?

Finally, the name is less important than the function and appearance that match your house. Whether you name it a sofa, settee, or couch, what matters most is how it fits into your life and improves your house as a living room set.



The choice between a sofa, settee, or couch is determined by your demands, available space, and personal style choices. Each piece has different advantages and may enhance your house in various ways. Venus Home Furniture understands the subtle differences between each form of furniture and living room set and is here to assist you find the ideal piece that blends comfort, design, and functionality.


  1. What is the main difference between a sofa and a couch?

The main difference lies in the formality and usage. A sofa is typically more formal and larger, designed for social gatherings and aesthetic appeal, while a couch is more casual, often smaller, and focuses on comfort and relaxation.


  1. Can a settee be used in the living room?

Yes, a settee can be used in the living room, especially in smaller spaces, or as an accent piece. It adds elegance and style without the bulk of a full-sized sofa.

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  1. Which is more comfortable, a sofa or a couch?

Comfort can be subjective and depends on personal preference. Generally, couches are designed with comfort in mind, featuring overstuffed cushions and a more relaxed design, whereas sofas offer both comfort and style.


  1. Are settees suitable for modern home decor?

Absolutely. Modern settees come in various styles and materials that can complement contemporary home decor. They can add a touch of sophistication and serve as a stylish focal point in any room.


  1. What materials are best for a durable sofa?

Durable sofas are often made with high-quality hardwood frames and upholstery fabrics like leather, microfiber, or high-performance synthetic blends. These materials are known for their durability and ease of maintenance.


  1. How do I choose between a sectional sofa and a traditional sofa?

Consider your space and needs. A sectional sofa is versatile and can be rearranged to fit different layouts, making it ideal for larger rooms or open floor plans. A traditional sofa is a better fit for smaller spaces or more formal settings.


  1. Can a couch have a reclining feature?

Yes, many couches come with reclining features. Reclining couches are designed for ultimate relaxation and often include additional features like cup holders, storage, and USB charging ports.


  1. Are sofas more expensive than couches?

The price can vary depending on the design, materials, and brand. Generally, sofas might be more expensive due to their larger size and formal design, but there are affordable options available in both categories.


  1. How do I maintain a leather sofa?

To maintain a leather sofa, regularly dust it with a soft cloth and use a leather conditioner every six to twelve months to keep the material supple. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight to prevent fading and cracking.


  1. What should I consider when buying a settee?

When buying a settee, consider the size, style, and intended use. Ensure it complements your existing decor and fits comfortably in the desired space. Pay attention to the quality of the frame and upholstery for durability.

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